The convenient bicycle carrier

Tilly Light is a bicycle carrier that will add to your enjoyment. Tilly Light is a flexible and easy to transport bicycle carrier that does the lifting for you. This unique bicycle carrier is height-adjustable by remote control. As a result, you do not have to lift the bicycle onto the carrier. With one simple move, you just ride your bike from the pavement onto the bicycle carrier. The patented bicycle clamps are tilted in such a way that they rest upon the pavement. To add to this flexibility, the bicycle carrier comprises two separate parts. As a result, the part that is mounted onto the towing hook is installed simply and easily. With just one hand, you lift the towing-hook element and place it onto the ball; with the other, you operate the clamp.
It has never been easier to take your bicycle, even if it is an electric one, anywhere. Go out and enjoy nature wherever you want.

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